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Situated in Sils (La Selva), county during years on porc tradition, Capdevila Gns elaborate cold meat from 1913. In the old days it was a butchers shop and afterwards it was built a plant to fabricate.

The combination of experience from these years and advances aplicated on technology of food makes our products a reference of tradition and constancy. reference of tradition and contancy in the market.

The third and fourth generation will continue offering our premise of”Quality and Service”for ever to our Clients and friends who had helped to grow up our Company.

For this reason, today as 90 years ago the preocupation for all who are part of this company is the continue improvement to mantain and adapt to the new tendency of the market , our products with the traditional quality which characterize..

Athen the adaptation of the installations to the needs of each moment and the constance formation of our people are our preoccupation to keep on the constant change of the tendencies of the consumer


Capdevila Gns. S.A.

c. Jacint Verdaguer, 18 - Apartat de correus 32

17410 Sils (Girona)

T. +34 972 853 051

F. +34 972 853 663